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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heading Into a Working Weekend

IMG_2730With our final list compiled, we are getting ready to head into the first of our last three weekends to work on the house. That will leave us the first week of September to do the final cleaning before we will need to have the house available for showings.

We went to Home Depot last night to pick up the last five outlet covers that we needed, only to discover that they hadn’t replenished their supply yet since we cleaned them out a few weeks ago. So now we plan to visit another Home Depot in Albany sometime next week in search of the wood style outlet covers.

IMG_2725I will be heading off to work in a bit, and Harry will get started on his projects for today. He is planning to finish up the closet floor in the living room and in the downstairs bathroom. Who knows what else will be accomplished today – depends on how long those first two projects take.

IMG_2727Once I get home, I plan to work on painting the table downstairs in the basement. We have some paint already that we had planned to use on the upstairs bathroom before we decided not to repaint it. So I want to get the table cleaned up and painted – I think it will look so much better. The other item on my agenda is to clean up the kitchen cabinets, and start sprucing up the wood trim around the windows.



I may paint this shelf too – I haven’t decided yet.






Once this painting is done, we are pretty much set downstairs…just have to sweep the floor and clean out a few cobwebs.



Time to head into our day…progress report to follow later…

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