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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cleaning Out

It’s almost time for our kitchen remodel to get underway. This Tuesday, the counters are being removed for measuring. We wouldn’t necessarily have to have the cupboards cleaned out by then. However, I realized last night that we are going to be busy next weekend. While I knew we had the RV show next weekend, I hadn’t completely put that together with the fact that they were starting the kitchen work the following Monday. Surprised smile Guess it’s time to start cleaning out those cupboards!!

SO, this morning I started moving items out of the kitchen. I moved some stuff back in the beginning of December – put it out into the garage where the boxes have been ever since, relatively untouched. We will be taking a good long look at what’s in those boxes before we bring them back into the kitchen when we are putting things back together.

Some pre-remodel pictures…

IMG_4053 IMG_4051
IMG_4052 IMG_4055

Today we are heading over to the condo for a few minutes. We had the electric turned off to the appliances and the hot water heater to save money. The inspection is tomorrow, so we have to turn all of that back on for the day. We have our fingers crossed for an uneventful inspection. Being a condo, the building etc. is maintained by the condo association, so basically the only things we have to be concerned about is the hot water heater and the furnace. Both are in excellent condition as far as we know. Keep those fingers crossed! Fingers crossed


  1. fingers are crossed and toes too!..we wish you luck with the inspection!!

  2. Yupper... fingers are crossed here too for you!
    Have fun