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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Location: Catskill, NY (High 35; Low 9)

This morning, cold is the word of the day!! When we woke up this morning and checked the outside temp, we found that it was a 730559_10200435295991722_1190319430_nbalmy 9 degrees. Our docking center is at 20 degrees, but Harry took the water filter out yesterday and there is nothing else in there that can be harmed by the temperature going below freezing. Underneath we were right at 32 degrees. We also had our tank heaters on. Everything seems to be working fine – our water is running and the temp underneath is already starting to climb a bit.

Inside we are nice and toasty warm. We set the heat at 65 degrees catskill2overnight – we usually turn it down a little more than that, but with this cold weather, we want to keep the furnace piping that warm air underneath. Other than that, we slept great, very cozy under our nice down bedspread.

Today we mark three weeks already since we moved from the driveway to this campground. We’ve had a few issues - with our IMG_3779heat pump control, the leak in the piping underneath, our water pump not shutting off after it gets to pressure. It has been a bit of a pain to have things like this come up…but we had things break down in the house too. We know stuff like that is going to happen, no matter where we live. Other than that, we are loving life! We talked about it last night, and neither of us can think of anything that we miss from the “sticks and bricks” lifestyle.

We started yesterday keeping track of our spending. The first few months will be the test of the amounts that we are allocating to each category. I expect that we will need to tweak the numbers a bit, once we actually get moving. Right now I’m just going to work on keeping track of everything we spend – that’s the first step!!

Twelve days until we can head south in search of some warmer weather!!


  1. Maybe we'll see you down there. Scheduled to leave Monday but it's starting to look like we'll be out of here on Saturday. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. good for you for keeping track of spending..I use a free program called Expense View..don't know if it really helps but it sure shows where the money goes!! scary some months!

  3. We try to track our expenses but I gave up for the month of December. I didn't even want to know how bad it was. But I started in again yesterday. Eating out is one category we really need to work on. And I think it's cold here. Our low was your high. At least nothing but me is freezing. 12 days!!!

  4. Brrr. It's been cold here too, but not that bad :) Frost this morning, but it gets up to around 60 during the day.
    I've got spreadsheets galore for our tracking, but I also use Mint.com - it's also free, and you can see all of your financial things one one site. Thinking about posting our 3 month summary this week. It's an eye opener!

  5. I thought it was cold here at 28 until I read your post!! Just hang in there for a few more days then you can warm up.

  6. We are at Fort Pickens SP in Pensacola. Warmer and GREAT SEAFOOD.
    Happy New Year
    Wayne & Rhonda