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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hanging Out

Location: Pine Grove, PA (High 34, Low 31)

Yesterday was a low-key day. We managed to stay in bed a little later, going back to sleep after waking up at our normal early time.

IMG_3916We spent much of the day just relaxing and watching some of our dvr’d programs.

Later in the morning, we went outside and Harry cleaned the slide toppers.




The pictures almost look black and white to me – it definitely was a gray kind of day.






After Harry finished up on the roof, we went for a cold walk. Although it was just warm enough that everything on the road was melting.



Last evening we went to a local restaurant with Darlene and Jim. They are future full-timers who live pretty close to the campground. We had a fun evening of chatting about all sorts of rv stuff. Thanks for a great time, Darlene and Jim!

Today we are hanging out in Pine Grove for one more day. After checking the weather forecast for towns south of us along our route, we decided to avoid the sloppy weather by waiting another day to continue our journey south. Tomorrow’s weather looks nice for traveling – sunny and highs in the low 40s.


  1. Glad to see you are finally off and running! If you are traveling I-80, when you get to x29, just give a wave to the north of you to my kids and grands for me :-)

  2. Welcome to the fulltime RV'ers lifestyle! You will have the most amazing out here and meet the most wonderful people!

    Remember, if you make a wrong turn,,,it was for a reason. Maybe to keep you out of harms way.

    Hope our paths cross one day!
    Snookie & Bob Quinn

  3. The weather channel is a full-timers travel guide.

    1. Haha Yes it sure is!! I have probably looked at the weather channel online more times in the past few days than I have in years.

  4. What a blessing to not be rushed, to have more than just a weekend or week to be on vacation. Good for you, enjoy! LG

  5. thank you both for taking some time with us and sharing your new adventure. It was so nice to meet you both and the kittys too. thank you both for a wonderful evening Darlene and Jim