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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Departure Day!

Location: Catskill, NY (High 47, Low 34)

Despite what our countdown says, we are not exactly on the road yet. We have a few hours yet before we get wheels on the road. I have to get a little coffee in me before I start tackling getting the insides all ready for the move. After watching the weather last night, we are getting on the road in the nick of time. There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow!

Yesterday was a very productive day. We headed to Albany bright and early, arriving at the DMV about ten minutes before opening time. There were already a number of people in line outside, so we were glad that we made the effort to get going right away. It probably would have been quick anyway though, as we found out that people who are just dropping off plates get to pass “go” (and everyone waiting in line) and proceed directly to the desk. We were in and out and on our way in about five minutes.

The rest of the day consisted of running errands, getting an oil change on the truck, settling our bill with the campground…it was a busy one.

We hope to be on the road today by 10 or 10:30, and have about a 4 hour trip ahead of us. Tomorrow is going to be sloppy in PA as well, so we will be sitting for a day, and then hope to head for Virginia on Thursday.

Next blog will be from Twin Grove Campground, PA.


  1. Jessica and Harry,

    Congrats and good luck on your next adventure, you earned it! Safe travels to the Sunshine State! Wave as you pass the Poconos on the way to Twin Grove CG.

    Les "Bigboomer"

  2. No rush, coffee and waking up are good! Safe travels with no incidents! Enjoy!

  3. Although we are not full timers, we find getting on the road by tenish works for us. If we are not going far, the next check in time may not be until 2:00. Also we can be sure to miss local morning traffic. know some are up and out with the sun. You will find the best time for you! Safe ride.

  4. Seems like we never get going from a campground before 10....

  5. Pennsylvania = here they come!

  6. cant believe you are coming our way looking forward to meeting you both see you wed darlene and jim