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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just Hangin’

Location: Lexington, SC (High 51, Low 36)


We have been enjoying some beautiful days here. Up in NY, so many of the winter days are cloudy and grey. So we have been loving the blue blue sky and wonderful sunshine this week.

We really haven’t been doing anything new and exciting this week. We’ve gone for walks every day. Today we walked 4.5 miles. We actually walked down the road that the campground is on in the other direction and discovered that it goes on for some distance, nice and flat and with a nice sidewalk. I didn’t bring my camera as I didn’t expect to be passing anything picture-worthy. I will take some pictures tomorrow.


We have made a change in our eating habits this week, and have started having our main meal at midday instead of in the evening. I’d always read that it was better for digestion, and had wanted to try it. I am finding that I like having dinner earlier in the day for other reasons too – all the dishes are done early, we can go for a nice walk after the meal, and then just relax in the evening with a cup of soup or some other light meal.

All in all, I think I’m settling in to our new life pretty easily!! And we slept until almost 7:30 this morning! Ahhh…yes, I am definitely getting used to this. And the best part is – this is the new normal. Smile


  1. For years I had my main meal in the early afternoon and found that it agreed with my body system much better than eating at the typical dinner hour. Like you, I also enjoyed having all that out of the way so I could make the most of the evening hours. You guys are doing great at adapting to your new lifestyle! Keep it up! Teehee! :)

  2. We try to eat our most heavy meal early in the day but sometimes it just doesn't happen. It is a great idea though and suppost to be better for you...
    Have fun

  3. Looks like this whole thing is agreeing with both of you. Helps to have nice sunshine too!

  4. Walking in new places is so enjoyable. The miles just slip by. I like the idea of eating at noon, but it won't happen.

  5. I so agree with you on all accounts! I wish I knew we were retired, it will be so had to go back to PA and work for another spring, summer and fall! But we so appreciate having this time. Life is good!

    1. Hi guys you sure get around i was reading a blog. forget who now, but there you were, looks like you are having so much fun. I check your blog and nothing, guess you are to busy for bloging.Enjoy this time. Did you hear that we met Jess and Harry when they pasted through on there way south. We are on there blog. Hope to see you in spring. Happy trails, 1000 trails :)Darlene Price

  6. Yea you made it to 7:30 am I made it to 8:30 I had to get up to put wood on the fire. Looks like you are having a wonderful time so far. Where are you headed next? When will you be in florida? Your walks sound wonderful I walk 4 miles too but on the boring treadmill. Happy trails Darlene Price