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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exploring Savannah

Location: Savannah, GA (High 75, Low 50)

IMG_4097Yesterday was a perfect weather day for seeing the sights in Savannah.

When we headed to the office at 9 am to pick up the trolley shuttle, it was a teensy bit cool. But not enough to keep us from wearing our shorts, as we knew it was supposed to warm up to the 70s.




The shuttle arrived right on schedule. There were a number of people from the campground heading into the city for the day.

We took the same company’s tour trolley in Key West. They also have tours in Boston, St. Augustine, San Diego and Washington, DC.



I took so many pictures that I couldn’t possibly share all my favorites here, but by far the majority of my pictures were of the trees. The majestic live oak were everywhere and they are so beautiful.





The shuttle had 15 stops throughout the city, and people riding it can get off at any of the stops, and then get back on another trolley. They come through about every 20 minutes.


We saw Forsyth Park…








and River Street…











…where we ate at Cotton Exchange Seafood Grill and Tavern.





We had a nice view of the river from our table.



IMG_4135We also visited Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, where we did break down and buy a few treats. We will definitely be enjoying them in little bits and pieces!!




The trolley shuttle picked us back up at the Welcome Center at 4:30 and we were back to the campground around 5:15. We were ready to relax and enjoy the evening. We really enjoyed our day in Savannah.


  1. you sure made the most of your day! thanks for the ride along!

  2. Looks just lovely. I think you are enjoying this life!

  3. This retirement thing seems to fit you guy fairly well.... Has it sunk in yet that you don't have to go back...?

  4. Jerry was stationed at Ft. Stewart and he loves Savannah!! He has promised that one day we will visit...especially now in our RV lifestyle :).

    I want to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant :)!!