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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Fun Day

Location: Catskill, NY (High 44, Low 36)

IMG_3840Yesterday was the occasion of our delayed Christmas celebration in MA.

We had fun opening our gifts, and then playing with our little guy for a few hours.



Schaun is at the age where he does not like to have pictures taken, so I had to sneak a few when he wasn’t looking.

We had a great time, but it was too short. We are looking forward to being able to stay nearby for a longer period of time next summer when we get back up here.

IMG_3865The only part of the day that wasn’t so great was the driving. It was foggy the whole day in both directions. This was the view we had. Luckily most of the time it wasn’t a close fog, so we could at least see in front of the car. But still, not a fun traveling day.

I checked the weather for our travels this week, and it looks good. I’ve had a few comments about hanging loose, not setting up a schedule…that will come! When we get down south. Right now, we want to get things done and get out of the icebox – before it gets out of the defrost cycle we’re currently in!! Smile

TWO days left (or One day and Twenty some odd hours)!!


  1. What is nice about this lifestyle is you do what you want, there is no right or wrong. I would want to get south too! Have a great travel week and we'll be thinking about you! We are actually headed to Florida on Friday ourselves......:)

  2. Wishing you clear skies, decent temps and the wind at your back on Tuesday!

    (We're traveling that day, too. We're hoping for a similar forecast in Central TX!)

  3. Safe and Happy Travels to you.
    Betty, at home in Milwaukie, Oregon