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Friday, January 18, 2013

Laid Back Cold Day

Location: Pine Grove, PA (High 39, Low 32)

Are we ever looking forward to getting somewhere warmer!! We stayed put yesterday, as areas to the south were getting snow. It didn’t snow here, but stayed damp all day.

We didn’t do very much, hung out and watched some more of our dvr’d shows. At this rate, we might actually get caught up!

In the afternoon, Harry went outside and checked the tire pressure in preparation for our leaving. He also added some water to our tank since we won’t start using the fresh water connection until we get to South Carolina.

We are both looking forward to heading further south today. We hope to be in southern Virginia by later this afternoon!


  1. Hope the weather cooperates - sounds like the arctic blast is going to push way into the SE!! Stay warm - you have a lot of time now!!!

  2. safe travels today!! maybe eventually you will reach the sunny warmer climate!

  3. Safe travels. We're having a bit of a cold front here in Florida, but it's due to warm back up this week-end.

  4. Safe travels! The warm sun will be waiting for you!

  5. Hope you have an uneventful ride south. It will be warmer soon!

  6. Travel safely. We're in central Florida, great place for winters. I hope we never see that white stuff again. I'm glad to see you on the move.

  7. Do hope you are heading south on a coastal route. Our relatives in southern VA in Wytheville got one foot of snow yeaterday.