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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Location: Pine Grove, PA (High 38, Low 32)

IMG_3872Yesterday was a really nice traveling day. We had a pretty leisurely morning, although we were still up at our early 5 am rising time. (We plan to start working on changing that wakeup time pretty soon.) It was a cloudy day, but we were just glad that we were getting going ahead of the storm.



After a couple hours on the road, we said “so long” to New York State.





The campground is five miles from the exit, in quiet farm country.

The only wrinkle of the day came when we actually arrived at the campground and the office was closed, although the sign on the door said it was IMG_3888open.

After reading the signs on the door, we called the manager’s cell phone # and she directed us to an area where we could pick up a site number, and told us how to get through the gated entrance.

All’s well that ends well, as we were soon parked in our nice pull through site.




We were all ready to relax, especially the cats after their long, hard day of travel.




And we are very glad that we already had decided to stay in this campground for two days…




…because this is our view this morning.




We are hoping that we will soon have seen the last of this white stuff!!


  1. Glad to see you're hunkered down and don't need to drive in that snow.

    There's a big strong cold front heading southeast around the 24th. It's supposed to bring some temps way below zero up your way...so get out of dodge before it heads your way!

    Our kitties are always tired on travel days too. I don't know why, they don't to a thing to prepare, and they sleep all the way in their kitty carriers.

    1. Yes we are moving tomorrow! Down to Virginia for one night, and on Friday to South Carolina. We are staying in SC for a week, and the long range forecast there looks good.

  2. Jess if you guy's are heading on 78 to 81 for Va that part of 81 in Va can get pretty ugly this time of year at any time. Hope you all are heading over to get on 95. Safe trip.

    1. We are heading down 81 for a bit yet, but we are waiting until Friday now. I checked the forecast for towns along the way for that day, and it looks to be a precipitation free day. (Unlike tomorrow.)

    2. I know for us it just seems nicer to leave during a good old snowstorm biting at your tail and when you hit that warm weather BINGO....

  3. Congratulations!
    Welcome to life on the road.
    Best wishes for many safe, happy and trouble-free miles!
    Here's hoping our paths cross one day.

  4. that darn white stuff seems to be following you! Enjoy the view today!

    1. I know!! :) I don't want to be a snow magnet!!

  5. How exciting to be on your way! Glad you made it out okay and had a good day for traveling. Won't be long and you'll be in warmer weather. Yay! Enjoy your layovers and travel safe. Thanks for the update.

  6. We started out in snow also and let me tell you, it just gets better and better. Be safe. You're retired so you don't have to travel in bad weather.

  7. And it usually doesn't snow that far south :) What an unusual weather year, opposite of last year. I laughed at your wake up time, George still gets up at 5 am :) Stay warm!

  8. Congratulations! Enjoy your time on the road and be safe out there.

  9. So great to be able to say no drive today. Hunker down and stay warm.

  10. Pine Grove - that's about 2 hours east of us - have a safe and fun trip south - enjoy your retirement - life is good!!!
    Connie & Barry in PA