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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Day in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans, LA (High 62, Low 43)

IMG_0547 Today started off as a nice day right from the get go, as I came out from the bedroom to a beautiful view out our back window.





A little before 10 o’clock we went over to the office to purchase our tickets for the campground shuttle. At $6 apiece roundtrip, we were very happy to let the shuttle operator do the driving. (I got this picture when the shuttle came back to pick us up for the return trip.)


The French Quarter is a photographer’s delight. (Not that I’m really a photographer, but I had fun taking pictures of the different building styles anyway.)












We had a good time exploring the shops in the French Quarter, and people watching.








We had the chance to try something I’ve wanted to try for a long time – beignets! Yum.




(One thing we were surprised to find was that a lot of shops do not take plastic. Luckily we managed to make do with the bucks we normally carry for emergencies.)




After we walked around a bit more…




we decided it was time to try another New Orleans staple…the po boy…with some sweet potato fries.






We took the advice of the article I read about this place, and got our sandwich to go. Good thing it was big enough to split, since we only had enough “green stuff” for one. :)








This was the view from our spot…





After lunch we spent some more time exploring the French Quarter.


















After a few hours of exploration, we were ready to head back to the campground, and boarded the shuttle at 4 pm for the return trip.


  1. I bet Iit was more enjoyable seeing all the sights without having to put up with the Mardi Gra crowds. The photo tour was nice.

  2. Your pictures make it look like the weather was quite plesant. I'd rather be a bit cool than hot and muggy.