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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Champagne Swamp Tour

Location: Scott, LA (High 57, Low 40)

For our stay here in Scott, probably the thing we were looking forward to most was a swamp tour we planned to take. Based on the weather, today looked like the nicest day, so we made a reservation, and a little after 12 this afternoon, we headed out for the thirty minute trip to Breaux Bridge, LA.

IMG_0774Alas, no alligators! Our guide said that the weather has been too cold, and the alligators have not been venturing out. But we did see a lot of birds – including great blue herons and a bald eagle. We also saw lines of turtles sunning on logs.



Harry’s pictures have more close-ups, since he has a stronger lens than I do with my point and shoot camera. So today I’ll post some of my favorite pictures that I took and tomorrow I’ll do a blog with some of his.































We had a great time, and will definitely be planning to do another boat tour next winter (We would still love to see that elusive alligator)! Bird and turtle pictures to come tomorrow!! Smile


  1. I have lots of friends from Breaux Bridge! I've never been there so I hope you write a post about it and take some pictures!

    1. Wow, what a small world! We were only in Breaux Bridge for a couple hours though - just for the swamp tour. I didn't take any pictures of the town itself. :(

  2. That's what we're hoping to do while there, can't wait maybe the gators will out then.

  3. I love your Header Picture. We enjoy visiting swamps too.

  4. We want to take an airboat ride while we're in Florida, but they're expensive! Have to find a regular boat :-)

    1. Yes we thought the boat ride was very reasonable - $20 per person for a two hour tour. :)

  5. We did the swamp tour last Feb. and saw about 3 gators. It was a nice trip.