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Monday, January 13, 2014

Rainy Day Trip to New Orleans

Location: New Orleans, LA (High 63, Low 46)


We knew when we planned to leave Robertsdale, AL today that we were going to have a rainy traveling day. We’d been watching the weather forecasts for a few days, and although it was going to be wet, it didn’t look like it was going to be really windy or have torrential downpours. So we decided to keep this as our moving day, so we would have tomorrow’s sunshine to get out and check out the city.




It wasn’t a great day for taking pictures, but I did manage to get a gray shot of Mobile, AL as we passed it….



…and a couple shots as we were entering our two new states for the day…










We crossed a really long bridge over Lake Pontchartrain, but it was SO foggy and pouring that I didn’t even bother trying to take a picture.




And then, wonder of wonders, as we came into the city, we saw a sliver of blue sky,



By the time we arrived at Pontchartrain Landing, the rain had stopped.



Although the skies were still gray, and there were puddles everywhere, we were very happy to be able to unhook and set up without being rained on.















We are excited to be here, and ready to do some exploring.


  1. We didn't get a chance to see New Orleans when we went through last year, but it's on our list :-)

  2. That REALLY long bridge over the Lake ..... several years ago we took the train from Phila down to NO. It was in January and dark when going over that bridge. The train rocked and rolled. I could see nothing. I had to use to restroom. NOPE, decided to stay seated and hold on to hubby in case we went over the edge! Scary. Enjoy your time in NOLA.

  3. I see you finally found warmer weather A little rain is not that bad considering they are predicting snow flurries for here tomorrow. Enjoy New Orleans!