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Friday, January 17, 2014

A Run at City Park

Location: New Orleans, LA (High 59, Low 35)

One of the things I really wanted to do was find a nice place to do our runs while we are here. On Wednesday we went for a walk on the road the campground is on, hoping to be able to make our way to a path I had read about by Lake Ponchartrain. We didn’t end up figuring out a good way to get there, and the traffic along the road was pretty frequent, and the road had no sidewalks. Neither Harry nor I enjoy running on the road, as we have both heard too many reports of runners being struck by cars and hurt badly, or worse.



So last night I went back online to do some more research. I found what looked like a great option – New Orleans City Park, which appeared to be only a few miles away with free off-street parking.


We left the campground this morning, and followed Gretel the GPS through the city streets to discover a beautiful city park.




There are miles of trails, but we did the one which went around a lake called Big Lake.





The city skyline was visible off in the distance.























It sure was a great place to go for a morning run, and we definitely plan to go back while we are here in New Orleans.

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