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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year 2014

Location: Adairsville, GA (High 46, Low 30)

My New Year’s posts used to be so straightforward…accomplishments on the last day of the year, goals on the first day of the year. Even last year at this time, the post was easy to come up with, as we were just getting ready to set out on the road to our new life. What an exciting time that was! My focus has changed somewhat now. Not that we don’t have goals or places that we want to see, but it just feels different. Every day is an adventure…even the ones when we don’t really go somewhere, or do something. I don’t feel like we’re in a waiting pattern anymore; now we’re just living life and lovin’ it!

IMG_0248 So here we are on the first day of the new year…which is our last day here in Georgia. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. Yesterday was a pretty laid-back day. We went over to Aunt Wanda’s for lunch and played one last game of Phase 10. I finally won! woot woot! Of course, it probably helped that my cousin wasn’t there – she’s hard to beat. :) We left relatively early to get back to the campground before dark – didn’t want to be out on the road with any crazy people on New Year’s Eve. Last night we just relaxed with a glass of wine and had a light supper. We went to bed at our normal time; it’s been quite a few years since we watched the new year come in.

After rising at a nice late hour this morning, I am hanging out in my chair with the Rose Parade on tv, of course! In a little while, we’ll be heading out to meet my family at a Mexican restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. It will be our last get-together for this visit. Tomorrow we head out for Alabama – a new state for both Harry and me!

Hope everyone out there has a wonderful New Year’s Day, and that today is just the beginning of another great year. :)


  1. Happy New Year. Sounds like our day. And even after five years of this life, every day is still an adventure and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  2. Happy 2014. Have a great year.