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Friday, January 24, 2014

More From the Swamp Tour

Location: Vinton, LA (High 30, Low 28)

Well, it’s just as well that I have some more pictures from the swamp tour to share, because there’s sure nothing going on here! I’m just very glad that we moved yesterday, because we definitely wouldn’t have been going anywhere today. It’s been a laze around, do nothing much kind of day.

But back to the boat trip the other day…Harry took some great wildlife pics, and here are just a few of my favorites…



Here is a cormorant drying his wings after diving for food…






…yellow bellied slider turtles sunning themselves…






…a close up of the turtles…




…an egret…





…a bald eagle posing…







…and another shot…




…great blue heron nesting area…





…and a close up of the great blue herons sitting on their nests…




…the male great blue heron bringing sticks to his mate for the nest. The guide told us if the female doesn’t like the stick, she just throws it away and sends him out for another…




…another great blue heron…





I think the guide forgot to tell us what this is… Winking smile



It was a really great trip. The only thing lacking was seeing an alligator in the wild. But it’ll give us something to look forward to another time when we go on another swamp boat trip.


  1. Nice pictures...Would this be the "Blue Bayou"?

  2. your adventures are inspiring. I read with great interest your time at the amazon warehouse. I especially appreciated the one where you outlined the income aspect of that time. If you don't mind a couple more questions i was wondering:
    How was the RV spot handled.. was it totally paid for by amazon? land /or did you get a 1099 for that benefit.
    also the total show was that before any state, local income tax withdrawn and were you able to claim the 10 dependents to keep fed, state tax at a min..
    thanks and travel safe

    1. The site was totally paid for - no 1099. Yes, the total was for the gross pay. We didn't try to claim more dependents to keep taxes down, but no one said we couldn't at the orientation.

  3. Your bald eagle is an ospry. Good pics. Hubby needs a telephoto lens to really bring them in.

    1. Is it? It was the guide that told us it was a bald eagle. I thought it was smaller than I expected, but just thought it was young.

      Harry does have other lens, but just went with one because it was too hard in the boat to switch from one to another.