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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunshine on a Productive, Enjoyable Day

Location: Greenville, AL (High 42, Low 25)




What a beautiful day! Although the official high was 42 degrees, with the sunshine it felt so much nicer. Our outside temperature according to our thermostat was 51.





When we arrived here on Friday, we noticed a slow drip underneath of fresh water. Although it stopped, we were wondering where it came from. Harry checked inside the basement – nothing leaking, no water in the basement, but a small amount of water inside on top of the tank. After giving it some thought, he went up yesterday and checked the roof around the vent pipe, where he found some small cracks in the caulk. With all the rain we’ve had, he is thinking that some water got inside and traveled down the pipe. So he cleaned the area and recaulked. We are hoping that this takes care of the issue.


Yesterday was also the first day of getting back to our exercise regimen. I have signed up for a couple races in the spring and summer, and Harry is also doing the second one – a half-marathon in Lake Placid in June. I have missed running over the past months – but I was just too tired and sore after work to think about doing any running even on our days off. This is a really nice park to get started again, since it is very scenic and has some nice paved roads. There is also a walking trail by the lake that we are going to check out today.

IMG_0327 Other than that, it was a laid-back day. I made some banana bread and Harry grilled hot dogs for our dinner (We didn’t eat them together!). It was warm enough that we could sit outside in the sun to eat our meal. There is a picnic table closer to our site but it was shaded and we moved across the road to sit at the one in the sun. Much nicer.




The cats are enjoying the sunshine and scenery as well – especially the birds!


We have one more day here and then we head further south. Just in time for the cold air to follow us down!


  1. Nice blog. Good luck with the running. Hoping to use the Florida weather for some exercise as well. Enjoy!

  2. We had a nice sunny day yesterday too, now the cooler weather is back and the winds is blowing. Wind chill advisory out for tonight, they are laughing back home reading about that.

  3. That sounds like good weather. We had sunshine here in Eugene today but it was considerably colder and foggy until afternoon. Love the kitty pictures.