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Friday, January 10, 2014

Weatherman Wrong? Go Figure!

Location: Robertsdale, AL (High 62, Low 57)


We had a nice relaxing start to our morning, waking up slowly in bed and watching the local news. Since we are only here for a couple more days, we paid particular attention to the weather report as we still have one more place we want to check out. The weatherman assured us that we would have a nice day to be outside, with the rain making its way into the region during the overnight hours.

It was a little cloudy, but we thought maybe it would burn off, so I packed a lunch and we headed out to check out Gulf State Park. Unfortunately we were only a short way down the road when the first raindrops started. My picture came out blurry because the camera focused on the rain on the window. :)

Time for a change of plans! We decided that it made more sense to wait and hope that the sunshine promised for Sunday actually shows up.

IMG_0414 This morning I had checked out the park areas in Robertsdale and discovered that there was a 2 mile trail that went through the center of town. We headed back to town to look for the parking area. (Sorry this one’s blurry too – I took it on the fly as we were driving by.)



It was a nice little trail and we really enjoyed being able to do our run without having to worry about traffic. Even though it was only 2 miles, that worked out perfectly as we are just finishing up the first week of our training program and only doing 2 miles anyway.

We were lucky that the heavier rain held off while we were out, and enjoyed our little outing.

We are still hoping to make it to Gulf State Park before we leave on Monday.

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