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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just Hangin’

Location: Orange, TX (High 40, Low 26)



Like everyone else out there, I am sure sick of this weather. I keep reminding myself that we would have it so much worse if we were still up in NY.



We haven’t gotten out too much over the past couple of days. It’s been too dreary…too cold…too wet.

We even had icicles hanging off the fiver!



Yesterday afternoon, it finally dried up enough that we could venture out…and we decided to try a local place that we’ve heard a lot about – Whataburger. We both enjoyed our meal, and our burgers were really good – we would definitely return if we wanted to go to a fast food burger joint.



Today the sun is shining and it actually looks like it’s going to be a nice day. So we may get outside for a walk, as well as make a trip to Walmart for a little grocery shopping.


Tomorrow morning we leave for Galveston!


  1. I remember Whataburgers. They were pretty good. Glad the are still around. If you see a Schlotzkys in Texas, give them a try. Not very calorie consious, but yummy.

  2. I've heard about Whataburgers too. Not been near one yet. Still love Steak & Shake :-)

    1. Nothing like the shakes of Steak & Shake at Whataburgers, but their burgers blow Steak & Shake's out of the water!

  3. We've been doing the same thing too, just hangin'. We are headed to Brazos Bend next and might take a ride to Galveston, how long are you there for. You're hanging out where I grew up, small town of Nederland between Beaumont and Port Arthur.

    1. That would be cool - we are going to be in Galveston for three weeks. Have you ever been to Topwater Grill in Galveston? Someone suggested it for a good place to eat on a thread on the rv.net forum.

    2. Don't think so it's been a few years since we were in Galveston, I'll let you know if we are headed down. Enjoy your time there.

    3. We just went and drove around Galveston and I didn't see the place. So checked into it further and it's actually nowhere near where we are. Whoops! But if you end up coming to Galveston, there are definitely a lot of options. :)

  4. Hope the weather clears up for you in Galveston. Msy have a little rain next week then it should clear up.

  5. I miss Whataburger! Still haven't found a decent hamburger here in NJ, so I just make 'em at home. Have fun in Galveston!