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Monday, January 6, 2014

Arrived at Azalea Acres

Location: Robertsdale, AL (High 32, Low 17)

IMG_0361 Well, brrrr! Old news I know, but along with everyone else, we sure are ready for the end of this cold snap.

Despite the chilly temperatures, it was an absolutely gorgeous day for traveling. The trip was a very easy one and  I enjoyed watching the different landscapes as we went along.



As we moved south, the trees thinned out and eventually changed to a more open scenic view.





We had another easy traveling day, the kind we like – the short kind. Even though we took our time packing up this morning, we pulled out around 10:30 or so, and a little before 1, we were pulling in to Azalea Acres RV Park.



We have a nice big site, and I am hoping that it actually gets nice enough this week that we can spend some time sitting outside. It’s sure been a long time since we were able to sit outside and enjoy the sun!

IMG_0379 After we got settled, we took a ride over to the Camping World in Robertsdale. Unfortunately, our sewer hose bit the dust, so that necessitated that we make the trip sooner rather than later.





And, as long as we were out and about, we decided to treat ourselves to a meal at a Mexican place we happened to pass.



Good move on our part, because it was a great choice! We both had a steak chimichanga, and it was delish!!



It was a great end to our traveling day!




We are here for a week and looking forward to the warmup that is supposed to be coming our way starting on Wednesday. :)

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