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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Short and Much Nicer Travel Day

Location: Greenville, AL (High 41, Low 25)


Well, we keep traveling south, and the temperature doesn’t change too much – what’s up with that? :) I said yesterday that it figures that our first winter in the south would be the coldest they’ve had in years. There are a couple silver linings though – at least we’re used to it, and our family and friends back up in NY have it so much worse!!

Even though it was another cold day yesterday, IMG_0284it sure was a gorgeous one for traveling. The blue sky was just beautiful and I kept snapping pictures as we traveled even though the landscape really didn’t change very much. Even though it’s been chilly, I still get excited when I see green grass in January. <simple pleasures> 



We were lucky that the traffic wasn’t bad at all.






After a quick two hour trip, we arrived at our weekend stop – Sherling Lake Campground in Greenville, AL. And I was excited also to see one of my favorite restaurants right off our exit. :) Guess where we had lunch?




This is a city campground, and is pretty small - looks like about 36 sites according to the campground map. (No unhitching issues – and our level-up system worked normally – I think Mr. Murphy’s gone to hang out with Phil and Rudee.)




There are some walking trails and a lake nearby, so we are hoping to get outside today and check them out. The temperatures are supposed to be in the fifties – HEAT WAVE!!!!


  1. I'm not sure where you're heading, but it's cold here in Tampa too. 49 degrees at 9am, but it's supposed to get to the low 70's today. Travel safe.

  2. Jessie,
    Trip sounds good. New Orleans is suppose to have a really cold day on Monday, then it will warm up a bit.. Hope temperatures in Texas are more toward what you are looking for. Happy Trails!

  3. Hi neighbor! Turns out we are just a few miles east of you guys at Deer Run RV Park in Troy, Alabama. Luckily we dumped Mr. Murphy off somewhere in Kentucky so be careful going through there! LOL

  4. We can't believe how cold it is going to be here in central FL on Tuesday. HIghs in the 40's! Wait a minute, I vowed shorts & flip flops. I'm wearing jeans, boots & a hoodie. Not fair!

  5. Laurie that's true but we keep our minds on the fact that we could still be in NY where it's far colder. And consider ourselves very blessed. So the cold's not so bad!!