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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Worth the Wait

Location: Robertsdale, AL (High 65, Low 50)

IMG_0429 We woke up today to a bright blue sky, and were very glad that we had put off our trip to the park this past Friday.

After cooking a nice breakfast of potatoes and eggs, we packed up and headed out on the 40 minute trip.

In doing research about Gulf State Park, I found that there is an area with several trails leading onto lake views. That was our original plan.




But our gps brought us to a beach access parking area. So we decided to hang out on the beach instead.




It was a sacrifice. NOT. :)






After checking out the beach, we went to do our run.






Then we grabbed our lunch from the truck, and enjoyed it while taking in the awesome view.


















We had a great time on our last day here in Robertsdale, AL.



Tomorrow we head to New Orleans, where we will be staying for the next week. We are both excited about that.


  1. Nice beach! I look at you two in your shorts and t-shirts and I grumble and pull my sweater a little tighter around me LOL!!

  2. I think the Gulf has the prettiest beaches. Looks like the weather is perfect too. Safe travels to New Orleans, should be fun!

  3. We loved staying in that area last Jan. The trails at the park are good for biking. Have fun in New Orleans.

  4. Weather much nicer here in Louisiana than we've seen for a while, right?