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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hi-Tech Cat Care–Part 1

Sarcastic smile That is a pretty lofty title for what I have to talk about, but the first part of our new cat care purchase arrived yesterday. I mentioned a few days ago that we are are going to utilize a few automated products instead of boarding the cats when we go away. We ordered both items on the internet on Sunday, and yesterday

IMG_3467 our new litter box was delivered.

Harry and I labored our way through the instructions to get it put together, and we are now working to acclimate the cats to it. So far, they really seem to like it, as they are using it already. We haven’t actually turned it on yet; we are putting it on manually so the new rake piece can do its thing. But in a day or so, we will put it on the automatic cycle, and then it will take care of itself for the most part. Much much easier than the old litter boxes that Harry had to carry outside and empty each week. Also, it uses a lot less litter, which is an added plus. I think this automated box is going to be a great product to have when we are in the fiver as well.

We are still waiting for the automated pet feeder. It has to travel from California, while the litter box only had to come from Pennsylvania. Hopefully we will get it in a couple more days.


  1. I sure hope this hi-tech cat device doesn't need a 'mouse' to operate it!!

  2. Another camper here in the park travels with three cats. She showed me where she keeps her litter. box.

    Her son installed in under her bed and cut a hole in the platform for the cats to walk into. Once a day she flips up the bed and cleans the box. Not a bad idea.

  3. Great idea. Hope the cats adjust well to it when on auto. Stay safe.

  4. Well... ;) ...Phyllis, that certainly is an ingenious idea...but I'm not sure whether I like the thought of sleeping over the litter box...LOL

  5. I hope you'll get someone to check on the cats while you're gone. A lot of things can happen.