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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Up North

Harry and I are up at my mother's house in AuSable Forks. It is cold here!! Thirty degrees this morning. I am writing from her computer without Live Writer so I don't have all those nice perks I've gotten used to. We have taken LOTS of pictures but I can't upload them until we get home tomorrow so this will be a pictureless entry. :(

The foliage is sporadic. Some places look to be at peak, while others are past. We were surprised on the drive up because the weather guy on our local news said that the foliage in the capital region was at peak; he suggested that Lake George and Saratoga Springs were great places for a drive to see some great vistas. But we didn't see much evidence of that on our drive through. There were some pretty spots, but there was also a lot of green. Ha! You'd think that some information the weather guy could get right!! :)

This morning we are taking a drive over to AuSable Chasm, which is about 20 minutes from my mother's house. We are hoping to get some nice shots - Harry is going to try for another panorama. Tomorrow will be a high picture entry - stay tuned! :)


  1. We are near Knoxville, TN. Seeing some changes in the higher elevations. Warmer weather yesterday, got to mid 80's. Supposed to be there again today. That is just fine with us!

    Keep warm up there in the northeast y'all.

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures! As I noted myself, it's funny how it can be beautiful down one road, and then all of a sudden more green than orange :) Of course that 3 day rain we had last week knocked a lot of the leaves off the trees!

  3. Yes, we are trying to keep warm!! :) I wish we were someplace where the highs were in the 80s, or were going to be there soon. Four more years before it will be the reality for us.

    I'm not sure how much rain we got in the capital region - we were still in MA then and it had weakened alot before it got to us. There are still many trees at home that haven't even started to turn yet.

  4. "But we didn't see much evidence of "that on our drive through."

    You said it right! You'll find out what I got to say when you read my blog after you get home!