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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home to an Empty House

We are happy to be home…left Plymouth yesterday morning around 10 am, and arrived here around 1:30. Not a bad trip. We definitely picked a good week for our vacation, as the high temps for the coming week are forecast to be in the 60s. We had high 70s pretty much all week.

This was taken yesterday morning – do I look relaxed and ready to head home? Smile 


We want to go back to that area again, but the next time we do, it will be with our fifth wheel. While renting a house was fun, and we did have a good week, it will be much nicer to have our own space with us – our own refrigerator and foodstuffs, our bed – and of course, to be able to have our cats with us. For me, that was the biggest negative about the week. Harry is better than me at leaving them – drop them off at the boarders, and leave them with a nice “they’ll be fine” attitude. I know in my head they’re fine, but I still miss them, and I feel bad that we’re off having a good time while they’re stuck in a small kennel being stressed. And now, we’re home, but the house seems so empty – because we got back too late yesterday to pick them up. (The boarding place closes at noon on Saturdays.) It opens today at 9 am, and we will be there, because I am very ready to have them back home. Yes, I know I’m like an overanxious parent – I can’t help it! Sarcastic smile

We took this picture on what turned out to be our last walk on the beach on Thursday. I love the beach – although we weren’t able to get there as much as we had planned unfortunately. I just got tired too quickly.


Here’s to vacation!



  1. Glad you had a nice vacation and the weather was good for you. Your day with a 5th wheel will come soon and you take your cats with you. It is nice having your own space and you'll create so many great memories (you already are).

  2. I do understand. Our cat Lucky adds so much laughter. He is a playful one. I wonder how he would be left in a kennel. Probably stressed out too.

    We used to enjoy vacations at hotels, inns, etc. No more. We love our own bed, etc. just as you will when it's your time.

  3. Oh great! What a picture. It was a great week.