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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pictures from Today’s Walk

During my morning “blog read” this am, I read with interest in Jim and Dee’s blog Tumbleweed of their journey south for the winter. I am jealous! Winking smile This is truly the time of year when I feel the lure of the road most keenly. During the spring and summer seasons, it is so much easier to enjoy being here in the northern part of the country. I also think that our current distaste for winter has partly come from having a plan in place for our future life on the road when winters will be so much more palatable. Be right back I really am trying to enjoy the planning and dreaming phase, but sometimes it is difficult!

I have already taken my morning walk. This week the weather is supposed to be a little nicer, so I may get another week of walking in. Pretty soon I will be making my way back to the exercise place.

Our area sure has that “late autumn” look to it.


Many of the trees have completely lost their leaves.



The view from our garage is still pretty nice though.


If anyone would like to send a little sun to go along with the view, that would be appreciated! Smile


  1. You have some very pretty color there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. nice fall colours..blue sky would make it perfect..sorry no sun here either!..just rain and wind!..so I can't send you any1

  3. It was actually warmish here today. This week is above normal temps..I'm sure it won't last for long!

  4. Those fall colors are sure nice even though it's cloudy and cool. I hope your weather forecast is correct and you manage to get a few nice days this week. It's pretty much the same here on Vancouver Island right now as we get ready to head into November - our stormiest month of the year usually!