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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Heat is On

I’ve had that song running through my head for a couple of days now. But unfortunately, it’s also our reality. We turned the pellet stove on for the first time on Sunday. We only had to run it once, just to take the chill out of the house, but still! Sad smile It is this time of year when I really wish that we were ready to start our fulltiming life. I so want to be enjoying the color of the leaves, and the brisk mornings, and then preparing to head south – following that nice warm air. Instead of putting on sweatshirts, and thinking about whether my boots are going to make it through another winter, and where did I put those gloves. Sigh….

Anyway….I am continuing my recovery. I walked for the first time yesterday. I did two laps around our development, which is one mile. I intended to go for three, but at the end of the second one, I could tell that was my limit. Then I came in and ended up taking a nap for an hour or so! So I have a ways to go yet. I have almost two weeks before I head back to work, so I am going to work on building up my energy by doing some kind of walking or exercise every day. I had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday, and everything is healing well. My only restriction is no lifting for another 6 weeks. I don’t do too much lifting anyway, so that won’t be too hard. Basically the only thing that affects is doing the laundry. Harry has to carry it downstairs and back up for me.

The cats are happy to be home. Although I don’t think Crookshanks missed us too much. As long as he gets fed on time, he is happy. Ariel, on the other hand, has been attached to me since she got home.

IMG_3241Here she is sleeping next to me on the couch. And every night since we brought her home, she has been sleeping on my feet and legs. I will be glad when that passes – I don’t usually stay in the same position in bed all the time but its hard to roll over when your legs are pinned in one area. If I do move, she jumps down, but then as soon as I stop moving, she jumps back up and settles back down. It’s not my favorite way of sleeping, but she is my little cutie and I know it’s because she was at the boarding place, so I will put up with it. (I’m glad our next vacation isn’t until next April.)

Guess that’s all of the (not-so) exciting news from recovery land! Hope everyone is enjoying some nice autumn weather wherever you are! Smile


  1. Sigh is right. We had our first fire in the fireplace last night. I refused to start the heat up yet, so I slept in sweatpants & sweatshirt. When George left for work at 4 am, it was FREEZING even with all those layers, so I snuck the heat on :(

  2. I'm with you, I don't like the winter months, too. I specifically looked at the fulltimers' blogs to see where they were in Dec-Mar, and most spent their time in NM, CA, AZ...

    Rest more...

  3. Thanks, now that song is in my head! . I'm sorry to report that we're slowly following the fall colors, meandering east, then south, then back to the southwest for the winter... we're in Missouri now, Kentucky tomorrow??? j/k! You'll be doing the same before you know it! Really glad to hear you're on the mend!