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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Strange Kind of Day

Today was one of those weird kind of days, in a good way, I guess. In love It started out normally, with me just heading out for my usual work day. So then my assistant manager got a call from one of our branches in Albany that they needed some help for the day. I was asked if I would make the trek over there for the rest of the day, so sure, why not? It was so warm and actually sunny, so I thought it would be a nice day for a drive. So off I go… When I get there, I get the extra desk way back in the corner. It didn’t seem like they really needed much help after all, because I wasn’t too busy. At 2 pm, I went to take my lunch, and came back to find that the computer system was down – just in that one branch. We all had to shut our computers off. So…. after about 45 minutes of that, the manager comes over, and tells me that it looks like the system could be down for the rest of the day, I might as well go back to my own branch. So….off I go again…. By the time I got back to my own desk it was quarter of four, and we close at 5! Needless to say, I didn’t feel like I accomplished very much today.

Came home to a surprise…


…our driveway was resurfaced today.


We knew it was coming; Harry had called the guy about three weeks ago. He told Harry that he would call the night before – good thing we didn’t need anything out of our garage (that had wheels anyway).

It was so beautiful today we actually went for a walk after dinner. The only depressing part about it…

IMG_3465…this is what it looked like when we got back at 6:25 – completely dark outside.

Tomorrow is my day off – YAY – and we have the guy coming to look at our kitchen for the remodeling job!! Open-mouthed smile I hope to have good news to report!


  1. Here in TN (the same time zone) it is 7:15 and just now getting really dark. Raining too.

    In fact some areas of TN are under extreme weather watch - tornadoes.

  2. It gets dark here by about 7pm (so much for walking the dog after supper!)
    no tornadoes though, stay safe Phyllis!

    Nice driveway!!!

  3. I dread the day that daylight savings time starts!

    I hate it when it gets dark so early.

  4. Your driveway looks great. You did have a kind wierd day.

    Travel Safe