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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome and Back to a Normal Week

Sometime in the past few weeks, my number of followers has increased, and I discovered this morning that one more has brought me to the nice round number of thirty! I lost touch somewhat during my hospital stay and recovery, so I think I still need to welcome…




and now…. Margie and Roger

Thanks for coming along and joining us on our road to a life of fulltiming! Smile

This week I have been getting back into my old routine. I went back to work on Monday, and it’s really been not too bad. For the most part, I think my energy levels are pretty much back to normal. The only thing I notice is that my work pants are a little uncomfortable still on the incision. So the first thing I do when I get home is change into my nice comfy jammies.

Actually, today is my day off but I will be going into work for a few hours this afternoon. I found out on Monday that while I was out, the company rearranged personnel in a few branches from now until the end of the year, which leaves three branches short. So the other branches are filling in. And to do this, they are actually paying overtime right now. Be right back So I am going to go in for a few hours on Wednesdays through December, which (can you believe it?) is only 11 weeks. With all of the work/improvements/updates we have been doing on the house this year to prepare it for selling, we have drained our regular savings quite a bit. So this will be a nice little booster to have a little extra money coming in!

We have for the most part reached the end of our work on the house until next spring. Harry’s car has been out in the driveway, as he has his tools, saws etc. all spread out over half of the garage. We are starting to get pretty heavy frosts in the morning, and neither of us enjoys scraping car windows before we head to work. Annoyed So this weekend he is going to tackle one more project before he cleans up his side of the garage and calls it a year for house improvements! We are both pleased with what we accomplished this year.  Now we get a few months off!


  1. Additional money is always welcome. I am assuming the overtime is being paid because the company needs personnel to work additional hours over 40.

    So many companies skirt the OT pay because they misclassify employees as Exempt when they do not acutally qualify as exempt from overtime. (Just my years of experience in HR kicking in).

    Be sure to ease into getting back into the work groove.

  2. The more we share our blogs, the more followers we seem to pick up. It's always nice to come to a blog like yours and see a few of the folks who follow my blog are also on yours too! It does help to create a small sense of community.

  3. Sounds like that little extra OT money is going to come in handy...can't ever have enough of it I guess.

    Seems like you accomplished a lot on your house so a break in that type work is probably pretty welcome.

  4. Projects seem to come in bursts. One thing that has been very satisfying to me is keeping a list book.

    I list projects that need doing, stuff that need sorting or getting rid of etc.

    Just by writing it in my book is a step to me and every step feels good.

    Now when I look around I "know" what is going to be done. I imagine one big sweep thru to gather it all up and take it to the dump!

  5. Back to work on your birthday week... What a way to celebrate! Hope you enjoy getting back into your routine.

    How wonderful to find you! I will add you to the list of "Future Fulltimers" we follow. If we can be of an assistance, just ask!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. I second Ricks comment that blogging becomes a community...We will be looking forward to your progress as the time goes by and you are finally on the road!!