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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Sad and Tragic Turn of Events

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my reasons for starting a blog. One of the primary reasons was because I had a desire to be a part of this community that I had learned so much about by reading the blogs of other rvers. One of the first blogs that I followed was that of Margie and Bruce. Margie had such an interesting style of writing and seemed to have a way of making everything fun to read about. I admired her dedication to illustrating her blog with photos, like on the day she took pictures while at a dentist appointment. But really, she could make an ordinary day, or a visit to McDonalds, seem vivid and real with her eye for detail and her no-nonsense way of saying it like it was. Her blog was always one of the ones I read first in the morning. Although I never met Margie, I really felt like I knew her. Which is why I felt shocked and saddened beyond words this afternoon to hear that Margie and Bruce had fallen victim to a tragic accident this morning which took both their lives. Margie and Bruce had such a great love for life – for their family, especially the “grands” as Margie called them, for travel and adventure, for living life to the fullest.

Rest in peace, Bruce and Margie. You will be missed.


  1. nice tribute, Jessica!..and yes they will be missed.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Margie's blog was also one of the first ones I followed and her glowing reports of the lifestyle also made me realize it was a good decision for me.
    I was truly hoping to hook up with them on the road somewhere.
    My heart is broken.

    I won't blog about this tragedy, I don't think words can honor these people as much as I would like.

    You did a good job however, of describing my feelings as well.

    very nice post. :)

  3. It just made me sick to read her daughter's post. I had commented to Margie when they got to Pismo how much I loved that town. They will be missed dearly.

  4. In my saddness you brought a small smile to my face. I, too, often thought about how Margie would take pictures of the most insufficant thing. It always gave me a chuckle. I could picture her always with her camera close at hand. They sure will be missed.

  5. It's a sad, sad day in the world today, losing two such extraordinary people. My heart goes out to their family and countless friends they've made in their travels.

    May God rest their souls.


  6. Margie's blog was one I looked forward to reading every day. Like you, I am going to miss her terribly as she brought a bit of 'life' into each day for me.

  7. Margie's blog was one of the best. I always looked forward to reading what she had to say and admiring her beautiful pics. They were both such special friends. We will miss them.

  8. Well said! {hugs}

    They both will be missed dearly by so many.