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Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Day at Home

Today marks the end of my fifth week off since I first became sick. It is also my last day off. Tomorrow begins a normal weekend, (well, other than the fact that I won’t be working tomorrow), and Monday I head back to work. I’m definitely ready to head back. I think my energy levels are somewhat back to normal. It’s a little hard to tell since I haven’t been doing too much. But I will find out soon!

I still have pictures to share from last weekend! On Saturday, after our little walk about the town, we took a ride over to a nearby town where there are apple orchards. We had a specific destination in mind – Rulf’s Orchard in Peru, NY. The place was packed! There were cars lined up along the road.



We picked up some pumpkin cookies, Macintosh apples, and ended up having to order apple cider donuts. They were completely out of donuts – I believe they said they had sold 3,600 donuts. So we went back Sunday morning and picked up our fresh apple cider donuts. Yum, they are the best! 

After our donut expedition, we headed over to AuSable Chasm to see if we could get some nice pictures. We only took pictures from the road. To actually go in, there is an admission fee etc. We weren’t planning to be there that long.


And on our way home, we stopped a couple more times to – you guessed it – take a few more pictures.

IMG_3401 IMG_3397
IMG_3389 IMG_3404

It was another nice picture taking expedition!


  1. I am very disappointed with the leaf display here in Tennessee. The leaves just seemed to have dried up and dropped. Not much of a color display at all.

    Not far from where we lived in South Jersey was a roadstand that made apple cider donuts. How right you are - worth the trip!

  2. 3600 donuts? That sounds like my kind of place for sure! Looks like you had another great picture taking expedition - very nice!