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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Early Start to the Work Day

Before I forget, I also accomplished one other thing yesterday! The back deck is all cleaned off. Harry did half of it Tuesday evening and I finished it off yesterday morning. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but that’s a pretty big pile of snow down there!!

IMG_3890 IMG_3891

I am heading in to work early today. Two of our desk people are off today and tomorrow, so my manager asked if I would like to come in early, since she would be alone until I get there at 10 o’clock. Well, maybe “like” is too strong, Sarcastic smile but I did decide to go in for 8:30 – I figure I will make up the time I missed Monday morning due to the storm. So that’s a good thing.

Daily weather update – warming up today! It is supposed to be in the mid 30s today, and in the 40s tomorrow and Saturday. Sure would be nice if this was a foreshadowing of the rest of the winter. Be right back


  1. what a 'great' boss you have!..drive safely!..maybe some of the snow will be melted by the time you get home??

  2. Drive safely and I hope you 'like' your working stint today. Good job on the deck too but I doubt you'll be out there BBQ'ing tonight.

  3. I have heard that we are supposed to get the worst of the winter early on. So maybe this is a forshadowing of things to come. Fingers and toes crossed.