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Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long 2010

The last day of the year has arrived! I thought for my last entry of the year I would take a look back at what Harry and I have accomplished this year.

The major decision made this year was Harry’s retirement date – which is now set at September 2013. This also allowed us to firm up our timeline for the next 3 years. We set our date for purchasing our fiver this year and for when we plan to put the house on the market – March 1, 2014. Smile

We took two great vacations this year – a cruise to the Bahamas in April and that quiet vacation, after my “excitement” with appendicitis, to Plymouth in October.

We have done A LOT on the house front this year. Writing it all down last night really made us realize how much we have accomplished in one year. Here are the major items checked off our “to-do” list in 2010:

  • Purchased appliances for kitchen
  • Purchased flooring for kitchen, downstairs and upstairs bedrooms
  • Purchased closet organizers
  • Purchased vanity and mirror for upstairs bathroom
  • Paid all of the above off! Smile
  • Sold the truck, canoe, pop-up trailer and old snow blower
  • Brought at least 10 bags of clothes to donate and threw out as many or more of garbage and shredding
  • Harry built 2 additional shelving units in the garage to match the 1st one he built last year
  • Painted the upstairs guest bedroom
  • Completed the flooring in the upstairs
  • Installed closet organizers
  • Planned and ordered the upcoming kitchen remodel and purchased everything we will need for the job

I’d say 2010 has been a good year! We hope that 2011 is going to be the same (without the illness and emergency surgery!!).

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!! Tomorrow I will take a look forward to the new year. Be right back


  1. quite the list you have done!!...happy new year!..hope 2011 brings you both much joy, happiness and good health!!
    Cheers!..from British Columbia!!

  2. Happy new year from us to you! All the best in 2011 and will meet up with you on the road someday for sure!
    Quite a year you have had!

    Karyn and SD

  3. You guys did accomplish a lot in 2010 - congrats!

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2011!

  4. Looks like things are moving right along for you....
    Wishing you & your family a great new year… filled with peace ☮ love ♥ happiness ☺ good health and fun!
    Keep Safe

  5. See you on the road in a little over 3 short years!

  6. You did do a lot. Hope you continue to have good progress on the house so it will be ready when you are!

    Have a happy New year and keep warm.