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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Got ‘er Done!!! :)

Ahhh! Sigh of happiness! Be right back Today’s project was….Christmas gifts!!! Harry and I were up bright and early this morning! I started the day with the paper as I scoured the advertisements looking for any bargains that fit our shopping list. We were out on the road by 7:30, heading for Albany. I love the early morning hours on Sunday during the weeks before Christmas. Although most of the stores all open around 7 and 8 am, I have never found this time of day to be busy. It is my favorite time for shopping this time of year. No crowds in the store, barely any cars on the highways, and you can park close to the store! What more could you ask? (Harry didn’t completely share my enthusiasm for early bird shopping, but he was a good sport and trekked around with me to all the places on my list.)

Well, we had great luck. We almost completely finished our shopping! And we were home a little before 11:30. There were a couple things that we still needed at the end of our excursion, but I went online and ordered them, and should have them late this week.

But, that’s not all! In addition to shopping, I…..

IMG_3782 …spent the rest of the afternoon wrapping them (while I watched the Giants beat the Redskins! Open-mouthed smile)

I am finished with all my buying and almost all my wrapping – just have to finish up the couple things I ordered today. What a great feeling! Bring on the holidays – I’m ready!

What I don’t quite feel ready for are these temperatures! Look at the lovely temperatures we have to look forward to this week…Sarcastic smile


Crying face


  1. Good for you! Tree looks nice. I got my shopping done today, all online. Love it!

  2. Err. I hav a fe small things for the grandsons, but I really haven't gotten in to it yet. Next weekend is Craig's birthday, and that always triggers the shopping urge in me.

    I have his birthday gift already.

  3. Congrats! You really are an early bird when it comes to Christmas.

  4. good for you for braving the stores early in the day!!!..must be quite the sense of accomplishment to be almost done!!