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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a Day!

Well, I got up this morning with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish today on my day off. The good news is that I did get it all done, but let’s just say, it didn’t go as smoothly as I had envisioned. Sarcastic smile 

I had some bookkeeping matters that I had to catch up on, a volunteering position that I do. I have been meaning to get up to date for a while, but with the end of the year looming, it has become pretty much “do or die.” So that was the major thing that I had on my agenda for the day. In between that I had a load of laundry to do, a few things to pick up at the store, and I wanted to make some chili and spaghetti sauce to freeze for dinners. So…my vision was….hanging out in the living room working on the bookkeeping on my computer while listening to some tv, with dinner stewing away in the background….sounds nice and calm, doesn’t it?

So, this morning, after Harry left for work around 7:20, I got right down to it, and started working on the paperwork. I made great progress, and worked on my project until almost 9. Then I decided to head out to Albany for my little shopping trip. I had two stops to make – BJ’s and Walmart. I was driving along, almost to BJ’s (which is maybe 20 or 25 minutes from our house) when I discovered….my wallet was back at the house. Annoyed I couldn’t believe it! In Albany…with no cash, no credit cards, and no license. I called Harry, and he had a solution for most of that list – drive over to where he works and get his debit card. Ok, I can do this. So I got off the highway and began the trek downtown…way downtown – I really dislike driving in that maze and avoid it at all costs. Usually. Thinking smile About 45 minutes later, I finally made it to BJs, then to Walmart…and I finally made it home a little before noon! This was NOT the way I had intended to spend my entire morning.

The afternoon went a little smoother – I did have a couple kitchen mishaps – a crock pot that didn’t want to work (after I had already started to put the sauce ingredients in, of course.) But I did finally end up with my spaghetti sauce and chili, AND I did get all caught up on my bookkeeping. Open-mouthed smile So all’s well that ends well.

Weather update for today…no snow here, just cold. It is 25 degrees right now. We may have a, what they are calling “substantial” storm Sunday night into Monday. Harry may get to try his new snow thrower out yet.


  1. We're watching that storm as well. We're going to Lancaster for George's company's Christmas party this weekend. Hopefully it won't start till we get home!

  2. mama said there would be days like this!!