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Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting There

Yesterday was a quiet day for the most part, although Harry did spend some time in the afternoon working on the finishing touches for the upstairs closet. The upstairs bedroom, closet and hall closet are finished!

Harry is toasting the fact that the closet is finished!


I will take pictures of the guest room when we have it picked up – which will be sometime very soon since we have company coming in to celebrate Christmas in a little over a week!

There is so much storage room in this closet, it should be simple to get the guest room tidied up in no time!


So far we have managed to avoid major winter storms. We had only rain yesterday, and today just a few snow showers. Let’s see how long that can last – the later, the better, as far as I’m concerned! Smile


  1. So he can come out of the closet now?

    Good work Harry!

  2. Yeah for Harry...good job!!..looks pretty nice..now all you have to do is fill it up!!

  3. If it works as a party area, you will need a small cooler in there!