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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas :)

Time for relaxing and enjoying now!!

Andrew and Tori arrived yesterday afternoon, and we spent the rest of the day just hanging out and catching up.


It will be a whirlwind trip, as they are planning on leaving this afternoon and heading for his sister’s place in MA. We still have gifts to open and Christmas dinner to prepare,  so it is going to be a fast day! The two of them are night owls and stayed up much later than us, so we probably still have several hours until they emerge. Smile Lots of time to get the food ready to go in the oven.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Christmas, wherever you are today!


  1. Merry Christmas Jessica, Harry, and family!


  2. Merry Christmas Jessica and Harry and I hope you really enjoy your Christmas Dinner!