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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting Ready

Thanks to all who had encouraging words regarding our rental situation. Harry and I have decided that this landlord business is not for us. We went through this same situation a year and a half ago – had a renter who all of a sudden stopped paying rent, stopped communicating. It was a nerve wracking time. The lease ended and mercifully she moved out without incident. After that, we decided that we were going to sell, and put the condo on the market. This was last February. Not only did we not sell, but we didn’t have a lot of lookers either. We got tired of making two mortgage payments without any money coming in, so then we decided to try renting again. We thought we were so lucky, because we ended up with a renter who was an older person, and had a job in law enforcement. Oh no, we have not been lucky after all – not only has our person moved out (in the middle of the lease) but they have left behind a former significant other who is now encamped in our condo – not paying rent, not returning phone calls – sound familiar? We have decided that this is it – once we get through this situation, we are not renting again. We don’t care if it takes two years to sell this condo, we are going to stay the course – although we may be lucky, but we’re not holding our breath – we haven’t been yet.

On a brighter note, we have the upstairs guest room all ready for company this coming week. I am so excited at how it came out.

IMG_3834 IMG_3833


We are finally moving along and making some progress. Smile


  1. The guest room looks very comfortable and homey!
    I would totally stay there!

    Nice job!


  2. so sorry to hear about your rental troubles..darn people who think the world 'owes them'!!..nice guest room!!..we will be there soon..just kidding of course..you are a bit far for an overnighter!!

  3. I'd put the condo up for sale and hopefully have lots of realtors walking through and potential buyers walking through...just to aggravate the "squatter".

  4. The room looks great! You did a wonderful job.

    Good luck on selling the condo.

    If it doesn't sell with one listing agent, don't be shy about moving on to another brokerage.
    Gotta keep it fresh!