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Monday, December 27, 2010

More Pictures from the Snowy North

I am snowed in. Harry tried to take me in to work about an hour ago. He finished clearing up our driveway about 6 am, but the road – now that’s another story. Our road hasn’t seen a plow truck in quite a while. Which is unusual. Usually no matter how much snow we get, the plow comes through at least every few hours. Today we have almost as much snow on the road as we do in our driveway. To compound the travel problem, where we live we have a small hill to go up no matter which direction we go on the road. We made it, ohhh about 100 yards or a little more. Then we were stuck, and I had to steer the car back home while Harry pushed! I won’t be going anywhere until the plow truck comes through. This is the first time I haven’t been able to make it to work because of snow.

Pictures of our driveway and road…. (mind you, this is only about 2 hours after Harry cleared our driveway, sidewalk and steps)


This is the left turn out of our driveway – the snow is already filling in the tracks from our attempt.


This is the road in the other direction.


Another view of the road, or let me rephrase that, where the road usually is….



  1. a winterwonderland!..enjoy your snow day!!!

  2. We only got about 4" or so. The wind made the snow deeper in some parts of the yard. I stayed home (we had the day off anyway) and cleaned house .. oh fun :)

  3. You're lucky, in our town the plow shows up MAYBE 24 hours AFTER the snow has stopped. I don't know where our increased taxes go every year but it isn't for snow removal!

    Enjoy the snow! :)


  4. Gotta love those big dumps of snow!

    We have had about 4 feet of snow this year already and it's scheduled to snow thursday again. *sigh*.
    I love the way snow looks, feels and falls, but I sure won't miss shovelling it!

    Stay safe!