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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Going Fast!

This week, that is! Tomorrow is Wednesday already, and my last day to work this week. Someone else at my office needed to trade days, which worked out great for me, because now I have four days off in a row. Smile We have just about everything ready for our company this weekend. We only need to pick up a few items for our Christmas dinner. The only major item left on the list is that we do still have Christmas cards to write. It is definitely my least favorite part of holiday “must-dos" and the one that I always leave to the last minute. Tomorrow I have to open, so I will be leaving bright and early in the morning, but after that, I am off until next Monday! Woohoo!! Open-mouthed smile Now I guess I better get working on those cards!


  1. seems kind of late to be mailing Christmas cards?..or are these ones you are hand delivering?
    enjoy your time off!!!

  2. haha! I consider them on time as long as they are IN the mail before Christmas!! LOL Better late than never. ;)

  3. I am happy to now report that our Christmas cards are done and headed for the Post Office tomorrow!! :)

  4. Seems like the right time to be mailing them. I stopped sending cards myself about ten years ago. I now only get two or three.