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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Bike Ride in Farm Country



Tuesday dawned with a clear blue sky. After some coffee and breakfast, Harry and I embarked on our first real bike ride of the year.




It was a really great bike ride. Peru has some nice flat roads, although we did encounter a few inclines.





We biked past fields of corn and lots of apple orchards. The boxes in the picture are lined up along the edge of the orchard, waiting to be filled with delicious apples!




The great thing about biking is being able to see details you would probably miss in a car. I have ridden on these roads hundreds of times and have never noticed this sign.





We didn’t have any way of keeping track of our distance etc. So later on we went back over our route on our way over to my mother’s house, and found that we had biked 11.1 miles 0 not bad for our first ride!



At my mom’s place, we looked over the changes to the backyard – that hammock was looking pretty inviting, but I resisted!





And I managed to catch a hummingbird at the feeder…




After an afternoon of conversation, and a delicious dinner, we headed home to get some rest. Today will be bike ride #2…

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  1. Good for you...11 miles. Looks like a good area to bike through. I am getting excited about using my new bike.