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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day of Company

IMG_2969We had a wonderful first full day here at Iroquois Campground.

The day dawned with a beautiful blue sky, although unfortunately we woke up way too soon, at 5:30 am. It was a bit chilly too – 46 degrees when we got up – so I had to close the windows and turn on the fireplace to take the chill out. Great sleeping weather though!



This is the view of our “street”.






Around midday our company started arriving, my mom and stepdad, my sister and the kids, and a couple friends. We had a great afternoon, hanging out chatting and having some munchies.



Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed some bbq’d hamburgers and hotdogs

The kids went over to play in the field right around the corner.


making s'mores


Harry made a small fire so the kids (big and small) could make some s’mores.



IMG_2982Eventually, we had to call it a day, and everyone headed for home. We relaxed and I read a new book that I downloaded on my kindle. Ariel surprised me by joining me in my chair. (She has never been a lap cat – she usually chooses to hang out next to me.)

So, a great day, and night as well – we slept IN until 7 am today! yay! Time to start Day #2…


  1. sure looks like you are 'all' settling in nicely!!!..enjoy your time away!

  2. I love cats on laps :) Looks like you guys are having a terrific time with everyone..

  3. Looking very relaxed, imagine how it will be when ya'll are full-timers.