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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Could It Be?

Well, we’re hoping that maybe, just maybe, we’ve made our last major purchase for this place! Last night!! After Harry got home from work, we had a quick meal and then hopped back into the car to head in to Albany. Most of our house purchases have been made at Home Depot, but for this one we needed to go to Lowes. We had already done our looking around, and Home Depot did not have a cheaply priced bathroom set (if $49 can be considered cheap). So for $98 plus tax minus the two $25 gift cards I got from credit card rewards, we now have two three piece sets – towel bar, towel ring, and toilet paper holder – in nickel finish. Could this be IT?? We are both hoping so.

In other news…yesterday was my day off, and I spent it doing more of the same around here. Finished up the painting downstairs on the table and shelf. Then seeing the amount of paint I had left in the can, decided to bite the bullet and do the upstairs living room closet – the only surface in this house that hadn’t already received a fresh coat of paint. So now most of that is done, except the edging. We also still have a number of coats in there and need to decide what, if anything, we’re keeping out of that pile.

So it was another busy day, and now back to work…although I do have a real weekend coming up with Saturday OFF – yay! And a quick trip to MA, which should be fun.

Twenty-nine days left to work on the house!!


  1. Time flies when you are having fun, heh heh heh...Time flies even faster when you are out on the road. It's great to feel your excitement. We get excited every day about where we are and where we might be headed.

  2. It just occured to me - once you actually start fulltime RVing and not doing the planning, will you be changing the name of your blog? Just wondering!

    1. Yes, when I first started the blog, it actually started out "RV Days with Jessica and Harry" and then I thought, well, that's not really accurate, since we didn't even have an RV at that point. So I added the "Planning for" then...and when we sell the house, I will take that part back off the front and go back to the original title. :)