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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cleaning and Sorting

IMG_3101That’s what’s on our agenda these days – a good cleaning and the last bit of sorting. I will probably hear about a firm time today, but as far as we know, we are getting together with our realtor on Monday for pictures and paperwork signing.

Over the weekend we worked on the upstairs…washed windows, cleaned the floors, got the majority of our stuff out of the hall closet.




I love the way this closet turned out. We will have these suitcases out of here before there are any people here to look at the house.





The upstairs guest bedroom is empty except for the bed. The blanket on it right now is to protect it from cat hair.



One of the items on my agenda for today is to go to the Laundromat and wash the bedspread that goes on this bed. Then we will close the door so it can’t get covered with fur from the "kids”.


Another empty closet!




The downstairs bedroom is also empty except for the bed. We have been using the bed for our sorting area but there’s not much left here now. Just a few odds and ends. The bin on the bed is the last item that needs to be added to our basement.



The dining room is looking good – we can actually see the table!

Notice how dark the outside is in these pictures? I took them all this morning around 5:45 am. Our bright early mornings are gone for another year.

Besides washing the bedspread, the other major item on my agenda for today is the kitchen. We are almost there. Five more days until pictures and eleven days until…well, you know what. Flirt male


  1. It's the final countdown! No turning back...not that you'd want to :)

  2. Looking good guys! I love how the kitty sneaked into the dining room shot haha.

  3. Hard to keep cats away from where they want to wander.

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