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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Bike Ride

IMG_2969We had a leisurely start to our Tuesday…slept in (for us), getting up a little after 7. It was another beautiful day with blue sky and very few clouds. We spent some time checking out the news and forums, and I read some blogs.


IMG_3037After a while Harry started getting our bikes together and around 11 o’clock, my mom arrived for our bike ride. Our route was in the other direction from our first trip, heading down toward Lake Champlain and Plattsburgh.

It’s a great route, with some inclines but no huge hills, either up or down. Now that I’m older, I mind hills more than I used to. Don’t want to be taking any falls now, do I? Be right back



There were some beautiful views of the lake as we traveled by, and an interesting memorial in Valcour.






I traveled this road on a daily basis in the early 80s when I was commuting to college from my home in AuSable Forks, and never stopped to see what this memorial was all about.



We found so many nice places to stop and take some pictures. This is Mom and me…she passed the 20,000 mile point on her bike a couple months ago.





Here we are…second bike ride of the summer…we will probably not even hit the 100 mile point until after we hit the road. Flirt male




But not bad for our second ride of the season…20.75 miles! It was such a great ride. We arrived back at the campground around 3 o’clock.


For the rest of the day, we relaxed. Read our kindles, bbq’d for dinner, enjoyed…


  1. Nice picture of the two of you (Harry & Mom). You guys have had lovely weather for this trip.

  2. perfect day for a bike ride!..glad you all got to enjoy some time together!

  3. Beautiful day for a great ride. Lovely clouds.

  4. I love bike riding. I need to do some repairs to my bike, but haven't. It's just been too hot to ride here.