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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Really Happening!

IMG_2899So far today on my day off, I’ve done a lot of cleaning, sorting and pitching. We are down to the last minute items, the small stuff. A few closets to finish emptying out, a few shelves to sort – out in the garage for the most part. A lot of dusting, and swiffering and cleaning.





I spoke to the realtor this afternoon. We have narrowed down the time when the inside pictures will be taken – Labor Day weekend – so we have to be completely DONE two weeks from Saturday!



Two weeks is nothing! Especially when we will be gone for almost half of that time.







I know we will be ready, but still we are going to be busy this next two weeks…trying to make everything look as perfect and move-in ready as we can.



Today, I cleared off the desk in the office and cleaned the floor.







This room does have a closet so officially it is a bedroom.





This is the larger downstairs bedroom.





We just have a mattress and box spring sitting on the floor.





All of the rooms have a lot of natural light.




I still have some items to sort that are currently sitting on the table in the dining room and a few things left on the kitchen counters. But all in all, the downstairs is coming along nicely.

I still have the woodwork and some cleaning out to do in the upstairs closet, so I know what I’m working on tomorrow and Friday. Time’s a wastin’!!!


  1. Your home looks great! I loved showing homes that the owners took the time to make them marketable. Made for a quick easy sale. Congratulations, well done!

  2. The house is so show-ready. It really looks great. Two weeks will fly!

  3. Beautiful. Love all the windows in the house. I can't live without fresh air!!

  4. house looks great!..soon very soon there will be a sold sign!