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Sunday, August 26, 2012

List Has Been Conquered!

IMG_3040Well, this is it. After all of the work on the house over the past years – the replaced floors, the painting of the walls and closets, the new doors and staining of the trim, we are finished. We have crossed off all those last minute items that I posted on the blog a couple weeks ago. What a great feeling and sense of relief.


Yesterday Denise and Mike came over for one more look at the stuff we have left in the garage. They took a few more things – Harry’s boxes of bolts and screws etc, and some office supplies. It’s getting to be slim pickin’s out there.



The plan for today is to do some cleaning. We are going to work together on each room. Clean the floor, polish up the trim, make sure all the clutter is out, clean the windows… I love the fact that we are at this point.



The pictures for the house sale are scheduled for sometime next weekend. I’m waiting for an answer to an email, and then we should know which day. We are planning on being done by Friday anyway. So we have today, and the work week, to get the place in tip top picture conditon.



I’m such a mix of feelings right now – excitement, satisfaction, a sense of completion. I’m still finding it hard to really believe that after all the months of counting down we are down to our last TWO WEEKS.


I just can’t wait to post a picture of that FOR SALE sign.


  1. Wow, it really did go by fast..at least to us casual observers :) What will you guys do with your free time!? We sit here and wait now too. Mind is going constantly about where we will go, where we want to workcamp, what states do we want to be in..
    This is all the good mind stuff..not work!

  2. Before long the sign will say SOLD and then it's just counting the days to hitting the road. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. When they put the For Sale sign up, you'll be thinking "we're really doing this" and it will be a good feeling. :) Enjoy the next step of planning where to travel.

  4. With all of your hard work and preparations, it won't be long before you're posting a picture that says "SOLD!"

  5. Oh that feeling of everything being ready for the Sale sign. I remember those and it was only 2 1/2 yrs ago. I wish you luck on the sale. It's a fabulous lifestyle being on the road and looking out your windows to a new view in the mornings.

  6. Congratulations, you two have worked very hard and it will pay dividends when you get that For Sale sigh up. Best wishes to you both.

  7. So happy for you! It is a roller coaster ride...starting with the preparing for the sale then all the emotion after you sell and then hitting the road will be the best! Neil and I are so anxious to start traveling!