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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Again

We are home again after our quick trip to MA. It is so humid here – according to weather.com, it is 81 degrees with 80% humidity. Very uncomfortable - hopefully it will pass soon.

Our visit was very quick, too quick! IMG_2806We are looking forward to next year when we can stay for a week, week and a half, or whatever other length of time we may feel like. We found a RV park only 30 minutes from where Gretchen lives, so that will be our home base for our summer visits to them.

So our goals for this week…

  • Harry wants to get the new steps built to the deck. He plans to do one step per day in the evenings after he gets home from work.  DONE
  • We also have the new medicine cabinet to put in the bathroom upstairs, and the other new hardware that we bought last week. This may not be completed until sometime next week. DONE
  • The lawnmower and other various lawn care tools should be leaving one evening when my co-worker comes over to pick them up.  DONE
  • Next Saturday afternoon we are taking another trip over to my sister’s house with a few more items that we are finished using, so there will be a little bit less clutter in the garage. DONE
  • I want to polish up all the wood trim around the windows with the Howard Feed n Wax; I am going to try to do as much of the wood one more time as I can before the pictures are taken. IN PROCESS
  • Next Sunday we are having our turkey dinner, so we will probably take a little bit of a break Sunday afternoon to enjoy our visit with Rose and a nice meal.

We are both invigorated with the excitement of seeing our projects dwinding to an end! Only twenty-six days left!!


  1. It's sure getting down to the wire. I have watched in awe as you two systematically worked your way through your lists. You have sure earned a turkey dinner and a day of rest.

  2. hope the humidity disappears soon!..and I agree with Donna..so envious that you have such a short countdown now!!!..way to go!!