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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cookin’ On the Front Burner

I don’t know how many people have ever heard that saying – it’s one that my grandmother used to say all the time when someone was doing a great job. I thought of that yesterday when I came home from work to find that Harry had already completed the job he was going to work on every evening this week – the back steps!



Done, done and done!




So one big thing checked off our remaining list. Tonight we may put up the medicine cabinet, and who knows, maybe we will start some bathroom hardware.

In weather news, our hot and humid air machine turned off, and yesterday was beautiful – low 80s and low humidity. What a nice day! And it’s 57 degrees out right now, great sleeping weather. I think the humidity is supposed to return, but thankfully it doesn’t usually last too long.

Twenty four days left!


  1. Steps look great! Loving the weather..last night, window open..great!

  2. We used to put things on the back burner. That was putting things off or delaying working on them. That's definitely not what you guys are doing! Great job on the steps.

  3. We always said "cooking up a storm". Have no idea where that came from. You guys are really getting stuff done. That's wonderful.