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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The beginning of this week has moved right along, and here we are at Wednesday already. Yesterday was a mentally tiring day at work, as I had to go into Albany for an all day training. The best part was that Harry and I could drive in together, so that was a nice change.

IMG_2830From the looks of the weather forecast, we have some rainy days coming up, so Harry took advantage of the beautiful day yesterday to do a little cleanup work on the roof of the fiver.

He used the air compressor to blow out some of the dust etc. off the coils of the rooftop air conditioners.



We are both ready for our next trip, which we will be heading out on one week from Saturday. We are traveling north to Peru, NY to stay at Iroquois Campground. Hard to believe that it is almost time for the fourth of our six trips for the season.



I will be heading out for an appointment in just a little bit, and then my project for the rest of the day is to work on freshening up the woodwork. There’s only twenty-three days left!!

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